At Schloss Lautrach, we are actively committed to protecting our environment and ensuring a sustainable future. With a holistic concept, we pay attention to all areas of the hotel, from the building services and kitchen to the restaurant and rooms.


We have already taken important measures towards preserving the environment through out building services. For example, we have converted all light sources to LED technology, installed a combined heat and power unit, and integrated electric heating controls and motion detectors in the rooms, while we also use modern technology for water treatment and a cistern for outdoor irrigation. We also focus on sustainable operations in the area of reservations and conference management, such as using energy-saving equipment and communicating via digital channels. Room cleaning can be cancelled and the sauna is only heated when actually used.


We also focus on sustainability in our restaurant, working with local suppliers and service providers, using cloth table linens and avoiding individual packaging such as coffee creamers or sugar shakers. Our teas and coffees carry the Fairtrade seal and are available in bulk. We serve conference drinks from glass bottles and the restaurant lighting uses energy-saving light bulbs.

In addition to adhering to these measures, we use environmentally friendly cleaning agents and ensure that we use resources sparingly in all areas of the hotel. At Schloss Lautrach, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and want to offer our guests a sustainable experience.